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Exploria 2023

Exploria 2023

Exploria 2023,  the tech fest organized by the Department of Computer Science, Union Christian College, was held on June 9th 2023. It was an exhilarating event designed for students who are passionate about technology and eager to explore the latest advancement in this field. Exploria offered a wide range of competitions and associated programs that caters to various aspects of the tech field. Referred dedicated gaming section for gamers to showcase the skill complete in friendly tournaments and immerse themselves in the world of digital entertainment.

The major events conducted were:

*Treasure hunt


*Web cloning

*PC Assembly

*Spot choreography

*Spot mobile photography

*Typing competition

*3’s Football



*Mini militia

1) Treasure Hunt: A thrilling adventure where participants solved clues and puzzles to find hidden treasures, promoting teamwork and problem-solving skills.

2) CodeSmash: A coding competition where participants demonstrated their coding prowess by solving challenges or creating innovative programs within a time limit. 7 students from different colleges participated in the competition

3) Web Cloning: Teams showcased their web development skills by recreating existing websites, highlighting their design and programming abilities. 5 students have participated in Webcloning

4) PC Assembly: Enthusiasts had the chance to showcase their hardware knowledge and skills by assembling personal computers, emphasizing precision and technical know-how. 8 students participated in this event.

5) Spot Choreography: A creative competition where participants improvised dance performances on the spot, displaying their talent and spontaneity.

6) Spot Mobile Photography: Participants captured captivating moments with their mobile phones, showcasing their photography skills and creativity.

7) Typing Competition: A test of typing speed and accuracy, challenging participants to type given texts as quickly and accurately as possible. 9 students participated in this event

8) 3’s Football: A mini soccer tournament featuring teams of three players each, emphasizing teamwork, strategy, and sportsmanship.

9) PES (Pro Evolution Soccer): Gamers competed in a soccer video game tournament, showcasing their virtual soccer skills and strategy.

10) PUBG: A popular battle royale game competition where players battled it out for survival, testing their gaming tactics and teamwork.

11) Mini Militia: A mobile multiplayer shooter game competition, offering intense battles and testing participants’ gaming reflexes and coordination.

Around 150 students from various colleges participated in the event.

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