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Webinar on Big Data and Data Science.

Webinar on Big Data and Data Science.

Big Data and Data Science : Motivation and Action

The association activities for the academic year 2021-22 started with a webinar on Big Data and Data Science. It was held on 16th June 2021 at 3 PM. The speaker of the webinar was Mr. Sarath P R who is a data scientist at Heidelsoft Technologies Pvt Limited, Infopark Kochi. The official meeting started sharp at 3 PM. Mrs. Greeshma K, the staff  advisor of Computer Science Department Association welcomed the webinar participants and thanked them for  joining. The felicitation was offered by the Head of the Department Dr. Asha Das who also explained the importance  of Big Data and Data Science in today’s era. After felicitation the speaker was introduced to the audience. In the  webinar the speaker first explained some tips and tricks to get ready for the industry in the context of big data as  most of the audience were interested to get placement in MNCs. After that, an introduction was given for some tools  and techniques in Big Data like Hadoop and MapReduce. Some clustering algorithms and its programmatic  implementation were also demonstrated using a data set. Finally a Q&A session was conducted where students had interactions with the speaker and clarified their doubts. The meeting came to an end at 4 PM with a vote of thanks delivered by Ms. Saranya Sidharth, a final year B. Sc Computer Science student.

About the Speaker
Mr. Sarath, the speaker of the webinar has been working in the research area of Big Data and Data science since 2011. He has publications in Association for Computational Linguistics and IEEE and has acquired a patent in the  are of Big Data resaeach.

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