The department have all the infrastructure facilities to ensure healthy and effective learning of our students.

Class rooms The department conducts its classes in three classrooms . The B.Sc.Computer Science degree programme has an intake of 30 students per year and is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University
Computer Lab The department have a computer lab to conduct the practical sessions and for doing the project work.  In each semester the B.Sc.Computer Science degree programme has one practical paper which gives hands on practice to the theory learning in the semester. In the fourth semester we have two practical papers . In fifth semester we have the mini project based on core java and in sixth semester students have the main project based on current technologies.


The department is equipped with 40 computer systems having high configuration and with LED monitors placed in a spacious air conditioned area.





Apart from main library the department owns a library from which the students can borrow books for study purpose and can be kept in custody for one week. The department have a faculty in charge of library to ensure proper usage of books by all students.

The department have 300 books as a count of its own and also have lend 130 books from main library for issue to students.

In addition , we have 30 books of aptitude and reasoning to help students to prepare for competitive examinations and placement tests.

LIBRARY Books list

ICT Enabled

The department gives importance for learning using audio visual equipments which enables deep learning in subjects.

We have 5 laptops ,  4 projectors , 5.1 speaker system, audio amplifier system, cordless mic systems, Portable  amplifier system , Projector screens, Power point presenter and other accessories for the smart class rooms.